What do Americans think about the kiss?

According to the statistics was announced from some American sociologists, have about 78% of American men think they really fancied in the kiss.

What do Americans think about the kiss
What do Americans think about the kiss?
However, surprise truth is in them, up to 39% of American men, although they themselves think is quite proficient in kiss, but had been rebuffed when would put their kisses on lips of lovers - girlfriends.

The reason, they do not know how to kiss or not really makes "partners" feeling excited to kiss.


1. What do American people think about kissing in public places?
2. What do Americans think of the first kiss?
3. Where do Americans like to kiss?

What do American people think about kissing in public places?

The truth is that not all Americans are in favor of kissing in public places.

Kisses in public places
Kisses in public places
This is the opinion of the American people of kiss. Results was announced from a survey on the concept of American kissing in public places.

- 74% of Americans said can kiss in public places, as long as not too many people around.

- 20% think it's romantic.

- Only 6% consider it rude gesture.

And you, what do you think of kissing in public places in US?

What do foreigners think of America?

You are an American citizen. You're living in America. Do you know that the whole world is paying attention to you. 

The best Photos of America
Beautiful images of America. Photo: CNN
And do you know what foreigners are thinking about you?

Americans do not like to bawled in crowded places

The truth is Americans do not like to speak loud in crowded places.

Two female American tourists Lyndsey, 20 (left) from Oklahoma and Brooke, 23 from Texas, relax by a fountain in Trafalgar Square, London. Photo from:

Americans as well as people in many European countries is know who quite polite when in crowded places, in the streets. They usually do not like talking too loud in places where many people are working, eating, back and forth. Whether it is in the subway, in restaurants, hotels or between a party.

American people are always punctuality

Today, I continue to wander on a forum and read a few lines of a shared sense of Indian women as she talks about the working style of the American people.

American party girls
At a party in US. Photo:
According to her said, Americans are always exactly on time.

Whether it's an appointment with you. Or simply that their working hours. Americans are known to those who always strictly followed in work hours. And they themselves always appreciate punctuality.